Easy Fit Glass Overdoor Canopies

Your canopy will keep its good looks for years and years without continual upkeep. The tough translucent roof panels allow natural daylight through, so if your canopy is above your kitchen window, patio or living room, adequate daylight still enters your home.

The Easy Fit Cantilever Carport has undergone rigorous testing procedures in simulated and actual installations over many years. Monitoring of test models is continuous and no component deterioration has been detected. The Cantilever Carport requires no ground preparation and in most cases planning permission is not necessary. It immediately becomes a welcome addition to any house or bungalow.

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Installation guide for the 1500mm Projection Overdoor Canopy

 Installation guide for the 2050mm Projection Overdoor Canopy

Sturdy and Durable – High Performance

  • Easy Fit 1500mm overdoor canopy meets snowloading up to 100 kg/m2
  • Easy Fit 1500mm covers an area of 1.4 m2 and the dimensions are 151 cm length x 91cm projection x 16cm height
  • Easy Fit 2050mm overdoor canopy meets snowloading up to 150 kg/m2
  • Easy Fit 2050mm covers an area of 1.9 m2 and the dimensions are 205 cm length x 91.8 cm projection x 16 cm height.
  • High quality laser cut steel arms with integrated rust resistant aluminium rain gutter
  • UV protected clear polycarbonate panels
  • They can be assembled easily by two people
  • Requires no special tools
  • Comprehensive installation instructions are included.

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